Monday, 24 December 2012

Elf Goodbye.

As promised Elf came back from the North pole with a prize for their lovely colouring. He knows how much they love playing with their Happyland toys so bought them a little set of the Queen.
They really enjoyed their new toy and they immediately added it to their collection.

Santa as left another note for Abigail and Lucy complimenting them on their good behaviour since his last note and returning Abigail's stocking. 
Abigail was very pleased with its return and was very excited about Santa filling it with presents.

Santa's arrival was also met with a tinge of sadness that our friend Elf had to go back to the North pole.

As Elf didn't need his magic tonight the girls were able to give him a big hug goodnight and a kiss goodbye.

Until next year our little Elf!  We will miss you x

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