Saturday, 24 December 2011

Farewell Elf!

Tonight was abit sad saying goodbye to Elf.  The girls gave Elf big hugs and kisses before heading off to bed and said thank you to elf for coming to stay.  I hope he has enjoyed his time ( albiet Noisy) with us and we have loved discovering him each morning.

Heres a little video of the girls saying goodbye too:

So, Until next year Mr Elf! 

Goodbye Elf

Well last night was the last night that Elf flew back and reported back to Santa as tonight he going to be collected by Santa when he comes on his sleigh, A kind of present/elf exchange! . Sadly he didn't have a very good last report on Abigail though:(
Whilst at the North pole he made up a batch of special elf cookies for the girls and wrote a special goodbye note for them. Heres what he wrote (in his best left handed writing!)
Dear Abigail and Lucy,
Its Christmas eve and Santa is coming tonight! I hope you have been good enough.
I have had such fun coming to your house and seeing you every day. I will miss you.
Tonight I wont need my magic to fly home as Santa is picking me up in his sleigh. If you like you can give me a goodbye hug tonight.
I cant wait to see you both next year
Lots of love

PS. Ive made you some Elf cookies hope you like them.

The girls are very sad that its Elf's last day but I'm sure the tons of presents in the morning will soften the blow!!
They are very excited that its the big man in Red is coming tonight and have promised to be on their best behaviour  today to make sure they are on the Nice list (we will see!)
Abigail and Lucy have really enjoyed having elf to stay with us and loved coming to find him every morning and see what he's been up to.  He's now part of our family and will return again to see the girls next December to continue his duties of being a watching elf.

There will lots of hug and kisses when saying goodbye to elf tonight.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Santa hats.

Well Elf was certainly busy last night!  Elf was discovered by the pictures hanging in the Dining room where he had added Santa hats to them. The girls thought this was hilarious! Especially as these photos are of the girls swimming underwater and of course everyone knows that you dont wear santa hats underwater!- Silly Elf!
Sadly its nearly time for Elf to head back home to the North pole as his duties to watch over the girls are almost over. Im sure there will be many glum faces when its finally his time to leave and the girls will miss his nightly antics.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Snow spray Graffiti

Last night Elf showed off his artistic skills.  He decided he didn't think we were festive enough so used the girls xmas stencils and some snowspray to add some pictures to the patio windows.
He climbed up the tabletop christmas tree so he could reach the very top too.  The girls loved his artwork and especially enjoyed that he signed his work with his name too.  Elf was also very clever and only put the snowspray on the top half of the windows so that the girls didnt get covered in it! :)

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sizing up the stockings

Its all getting abit exciting now Christmas day is fast approaching! This morning Elf was found poking out of the top of Lucy's stocking that was hung on the fireplace. Our guess is that he was sizing it up in order to tell Santa what size presents he can bring to fill it with.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Shower fresh!

This morning Elf was found in the shower!  He must have spent a long time in the shower as there wasn't much hot water left this morning but on a positive note, Elf was very sparkly and clean!
The girls thought this was very funny and loved how he even had a little towel to dry himself with.
Im glad our houseguest has good hygiene even if he is abit cheeky and naughty sometimes!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Advent Calendar raiding!

This morning Elf to quite a bit of finding! It wasn't till Breakfast time that he was spotted by Lucy as he had found a good hiding place and blended in rather well.
Elf had been raiding the girls advent calendar looking for Chocolate! Thankfully he didn't manage to find any though before the girls woke this morning.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Toys

This morning Elf had come back from the North Pole bearing gifts!  
He bought the girls a set of Christmas toys with Santa on his sleigh being pulled by a Reindeer, a Snowman and a Christmas tree. He had also written a little note saying 'Only 7 more sleeps till the real Santa comes!' 
The girls were very pleased with this gift this morning and have been busy making Santa fly on his sleigh all around the house. Abigail has now also started the countdown of how many sleeps it is till Christmas Day.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


Taking inspiration from his mate Rudolf,  Elf decided that the girls needed red noses too!  Whilst they were sleeping he crept into their rooms with a pot of red paint and painted the tips of their noses red!! He was very lucky to manage it with out waking them.  Lucy's red nose had flaked off slightly as she is such a wriggly sleeper but still looked funny!
The girls were abit puzzled at first when they woke and saw each other and saw Elf with the paint pot. They loved looking at each other at at themselves in the mirror and though Elf was very cheeky indeed!


Friday, 16 December 2011

Puddle Jumping

Elf enjoys his fly back to the North Pole every night but it wasn't very nice flying weather out there last night.  It was abit blowy and very wet.  Elf very sensibly decided to borrow a rain hat from one of the dollies and Abigail's spotty welly boots.  They were abit big for him and I wonder how they stayed on whilst he was flying and if they were abit heavy!  Elf didn't seem to mind though :) 

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Tea Party

Tea anyone?  Last night Elf invited some of his winter buddies round for a tea party. Lucy was given a new teapot set from friends as a xmas present yesterday and I think Elf was eager to try it out.  It appeared to be a very civilised affair with a proper teapot, cups and even cakes.  Maybe Elf was having a night off from being the girls 'Cheeky' little Elf!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

DVD Disaster

Poor Elf had abit of a disaster last night. He thought he would settle down and watch a DVD.  He had ventured into the TV cabinet but the door must of closed behind him and he got stuck! He took a fair bit of finding for the girls this morning and they were abit concerned that he was stuck forever until I explained that he would be able to escape tonight when his magic returned and would still be ok to report back to Santa tonight.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Just Hanging!

Again doubts have formed on Elf this morning! He was found hanging on ribbon from the light, but was he climbing up or abseiling down?  I guess only Elf will know!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Hitch Hiking

Elf was found this morning in Lucy's buggy. We think he might have wanted to hitch a ride along with us to see where Abigail went in the mornings ( Pre-school). Maybe to keep an closer eye on her behaviour there too! The girls loved it but Lucy did show some signs of concern over where she was going to sit!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Say Cheese!

Last Night Elf was found using Abigail's beloved Camera. He was very lucky she didn't mind as she's usually quite protective over it! 
Elf decided to take some photo's of himself last night after returning from the North Pole. He has worked out how to use the editing software on the camera  and surrounded himself with Disney princesses in the pics! Obviously a ladies man!

Heres some of the photo's that he took of himself:


Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Heavy night!

Elf discovered this morning why Hangovers and Children dont mix!  Last night was the Elf's work Christmas Party back at the North pole. Ive heard they all had a good time but a few Elves drank just a tad too much mulled wine!  At first I discovered Elf hugging the porcelain bowl in the dolls house! Tut Tut!  But thankfully by the time the girls came downstairs to find him he had regained himself and was found sitting on the toilet instead. 
Girls thought it funny that he had gone to join the dolls in the house last night and even funnier that he was caught on the loo! 
Abigail took great pleasure in reminding him to wipe his bottom! :)

Friday, 9 December 2011

Special Delivery!

Theres much debate here this morning! Elf was discovered hanging off the letterbox but no-ones sure if he was climbing back in or trying to climb out.  Either way it looks like he was getting abit stuck!  Maybe he was planning to give the postman a shock or  maybe sneaking back in after a late night out!?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sweet Treats

Well this morning Elf took a little while to find!  He had ventured out of the lounge and into the kitchen where he had happened to stumble across the sweetie jar.  The sweets were obviously too much of a temptation as he decided to tuck in!  When we spotted him he was about to start on a second sweet and had left the (evidence) sweet wrapper on the side. Elf was greeted this morning with calls of  " Cheeky little Elf! '

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Chugga Choo Choo!

Tonight Elf decided on taking a train ride on the wooden train toys. I think I might need to tell though that he's not going to get very far going round in circles!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Story time

To reward the girls good behaviour lately ( It can happen!) he returned from the North pole last night with some new Christmas story books. The girls love books so were very pleased with Elf's bringings.
We have yet to read them because of the manic rush that is the Nursery run but will sit together tonight and read them at bedtime.
Elf really does seem to be having the desired effect and the girls are often reminding each other that Elf is watching them!

Monday, 5 December 2011

High up view

Last night Elf decided he wanted to get a good view and climbed up high onto the reading lamp. :)
Lucy spotted him first this morning and the girls thought it funny how high he had managed to climb.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Elf Yourself!

After a good first day, Elf was eager to report back to Santa last night. On his return he decided to have a go on my Laptop.  Bit nervous to check my history to see what else he was doing! but he made an 'Elf Yourself' video using faces of the girls.

and heres the video he produced :

The girls loved watching themselves dancing about dressed as elves and thought it funny that Elf had been using Mummy's Laptop as that is just NOT allowed :)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Discovering Elf

Well the girls loved unwrapping their parcel from Santa this morning. Their faces were a picture! We read the lovely story and choose his name... A rather unimaginative name really.. Elf!  The girls have never really named their toys so not overly surprising, plus easy for me to remember too :)

Anyway, Elf he is and we placed him on the shelf for his first Watching day!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Elf on the shelf

For those of you not familiar with the tradition that is Elf on the shelf, let me direct you to the Elf on the shelf Webpage.
In a nutshell, Elf is sent from Santa to keep an eye on your little darlings and magically comes to life at night and reports back to Santa whilst they sleep. He is Santa's eyes and ears! During the night though, whilst he is magic he can be known to get up to all sorts of mischief in typical Cheeky elf style!  The children will find him in all sorts of  different places each morning and see what naughtiness he has been up to! 

Tonight Elf will arrive! Much excitement in the Higgins house (Mainly from me!) Very excited about seeing the girls faces in the morning :) 
Elf comes sent from Santa in a special keepsake box with a lovely hardback storybook to read explaining his journey to our house and how he will be observing their behaviour and the magic powers that Santa has given him.

Here is our special package from Santa ready for the girls to unwrap in the morning!

Keep checking back on his blog to see little Elfie's Escapades!