Saturday, 24 December 2011

Goodbye Elf

Well last night was the last night that Elf flew back and reported back to Santa as tonight he going to be collected by Santa when he comes on his sleigh, A kind of present/elf exchange! . Sadly he didn't have a very good last report on Abigail though:(
Whilst at the North pole he made up a batch of special elf cookies for the girls and wrote a special goodbye note for them. Heres what he wrote (in his best left handed writing!)
Dear Abigail and Lucy,
Its Christmas eve and Santa is coming tonight! I hope you have been good enough.
I have had such fun coming to your house and seeing you every day. I will miss you.
Tonight I wont need my magic to fly home as Santa is picking me up in his sleigh. If you like you can give me a goodbye hug tonight.
I cant wait to see you both next year
Lots of love

PS. Ive made you some Elf cookies hope you like them.

The girls are very sad that its Elf's last day but I'm sure the tons of presents in the morning will soften the blow!!
They are very excited that its the big man in Red is coming tonight and have promised to be on their best behaviour  today to make sure they are on the Nice list (we will see!)
Abigail and Lucy have really enjoyed having elf to stay with us and loved coming to find him every morning and see what he's been up to.  He's now part of our family and will return again to see the girls next December to continue his duties of being a watching elf.

There will lots of hug and kisses when saying goodbye to elf tonight.

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